Fawn eyes already after 15 days

Fawn eyes already after 15 days

Every woman’s dream is to have long, thick and thick eyelashes. They all want it, even those who do not like to wear make-up, to have a fresher look and “soap and water”. Today, thanks to tooLash, it is possible to have fawn eyes without having to resort to mascara or expensive treatments by the beautician. Just apply it once or twice every day and the results are visible already after the first two weeks.

Bigger eyes without tricks

How much time do you lose every day in front of the mirror trying to make your eyes bigger with make-up? Definitely too much. Not to mention, then, of all the money that you spend to buy mascara volumizing, extending, regenerating or waterproof that in the end we all seem the same and always leave us a bit ‘of bitterness in the mouth. And what about the annoying panda effect, when the trick runs off at the least opportune moments? Today you can say goodbye to all these problems, thanks to the revolutionary serum tooLash, a completely natural cosmetic product that allows you to have fawn eyes without wasting time and spending a small amount.

Eyelash lengthening in a few steps

To get lashes longer you do not need to go to the beautician. Today you can buy the tooLash serum from the comfort of your home and apply it at least once a day. Nothing could be easier, faster and more practical. Furthermore, the first results will surprise you after the first two weeks, with thicker, longer and healthier eyelashes. Say goodbye to false eyelashes and sessions by the beautician every two or three weeks for eyelash lengthening. tooLash guarantees you more natural and elegant results at a cost of a few tens of euros and with a simple daily application lasting a few minutes.

Natural long eyelashes with natural ingredients

In addition to the price and practicality of use, another point in favor of tooLash is its formulation with natural ingredients and without contraindications for health. The serum is based on red vine, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which slow down cellular aging and promote eyelash growth. tooLash is an innovative product that stimulates the keratinization process and can be used by anyone and at any age, to have long and natural eyelashes without too much stress. In addition, the serum is not tested on animals, it is cruelty-free and can also be used by people who have treated chemotherapy, to speed up the process of re-growth of eyelashes.