The properties of red vine

The properties of red vine

Too Lash is the innovative cosmetic serum that allows you to have long, thick and healthy eyelashes without the use of make up or semi-permanent. Applying this product consistently, you can see surprising results already after the first two weeks, thanks to the exceptional properties of the red vine, whose extract is contained in Too Lash. Forget about the trick that runs, weakened and weakened eyelashes due to aggressive treatments: discover an absolutely natural serum and without contraindications, to increase, replenish and strengthen your eyelashes.

The antioxidant flavonoids of the red vine

Too Lash helps the natural re-growth of eyelashes and under eyelashes, since it is formulated with natural and clinically tested ingredients. The serum is based on red vine, whose stems are composed of flavonoids antioxidants, which slow down the oxidation and therefore the cellular aging of the eyelashes. Specifically, flavonoids stabilize the collagen fibers and limit the catabolic activity of elastase, the enzyme that causes degradation of the main connective tissue protein, able to maintain elastic and young tissues.

The red vine and the peripheral microcirculation

The flavonoids contained in the red vine have not only an antioxidant power: they are also responsible for the angioprotective activity and play a fundamental role in reinforcing the peripheral microcirculation. Each property of the red vine thus contributes to fortifying the eyelashes, favoring both growth and thickening, without the need to resort to make-up or extension. The red vine used in Too Lash as well as other ingredients including aloe are BIO certified, therefore a further guarantee of quality of this fantastic serum.

Thicker eyelashes in a natural way with Too Lash

When you want to have long, thick eyelashes and, at the same time, a natural look, the choice of using mascara or false eyelashes is not exactly ideal. These solutions, in fact, in addition to not guaranteeing that pleasant freshness of a face, water and soap are often expensive and aggressive towards the eyelashes, which eventually thin or fall. Too Lash, however, compared to a modest expense, allows you to have thicker eyelashes in an absolutely natural and without any risk to health. The serum, in fact, contains other natural ingredients such as pumpkin extract, hyaluronic acid and peptides that can promote growth, thickening and quantity of eyelashes, counteracting aging and fall.