How to increase the production of keratin protein

How to increase the production of keratin protein

In recent years, the cosmetic sector has developed different treatments to thicken and lengthen eyelashes: from extension to systems such as lamination, which consists in dyeing and nourishing the eyelashes with keratin, in order to make them stronger and healthier. However, these treatments must be repeated several times to obtain tangible and lasting results. Furthermore, lamination is not suitable for those with naturally short eyelashes. An effective solution for those who want to lengthen and strengthen their eyelashes by increasing the keratin protein in a totally natural way is certainly the revolutionary cosmetic serum Too Lash, which allows you to have healthy and thick eyelashes after two weeks of application. This innovative product is also very economical compared to other similar treatments and can be easily purchased online.

The function of keratin

Too Lash is a completely natural product, based on red life extract, which thanks to its antioxidant action prevents the cellular aging of eyelashes and promotes growth and lengthening. The serum also includes specific peptides, called Myristoil-peptide 17, which are able to stimulate the production of keratin, a very important protein for the growth and well-being of eyelashes. The function of keratin, in fact, is to reinforce the lashes, making them thicker and longer. This protein is composed of long chains of amino acids, whose bonds guarantee the strength and rigidity of eyelashes, hair and nails.

Too Lash helps the keratinization process of eyelashes

The role of keratin in tissues is fundamental, just as it is important to use products based on this protein which can be compromised over time by various factors. The revolutionary Serum Too Lash guarantees the right amount of keratin, favoring the keratinization process, which is so important for the health and beauty of eyelashes. Keratinization is a mechanism that transforms into keratin the substances that make up the cells of the eyelashes, allowing their thickening, strength and lengthening.

With Too Lash thicker eyelashes naturally

Too Lash gives you cured, thick and long eyelashes in a natural way and without contraindications. The use of BIO certified ingredients, such as red vine extract or aloe extract, can also be used by people who suffer from certain diseases or who are undergoing chemotherapy. This cosmetic serum also contains hyaluronic acid, with a high moisturizing power, able to make the lashes softer and more resistant and to counteract their aging. With Too Lash you do not need to undergo expensive and boring sessions at the beautician, but you can get thicker eyelashes naturally with a simple and fast daily application. The results are visible after a short time and last.