Biactipep1 Komplex

Biactipep1 Komplex® – 5 ingredients for 5 benefits

Principal benefits of tooLash® with Biactipep1 Komplex®

tooLash® enhancement serum is an innovative blend of high peformance, clinically tested ingredients and an exclusive new complex of active ingredients called “Biactipep1 Komplex®.” By applying it once or twice a day, this powerful mixture of peptides and beneficial active ingredients improves the appearance of eyelashes. After 15 days of use, eyelashes will look fuller, longer and more beautiful.

Your eyelashes will look healthier and fuller after just a few days. You will also notice an average increase in their length of about 60% * and approximately 80% * improvement in their natural, voluminous appearance.

*according to efficacy tests carried out


  • Myristoil-peptide 17 peptides which help to stimulate the production of keratin, the key molecule for growing and strengthening lashes to make them longer and thicker.
  • Hyaluronic acid is recognized as having a high level of moisturizing power to make the lashes softer and more resistant to damage; because of its characterisitcs it can also counteract aging.
  • Aloe juice extract* has the ability to promote the re-growth of eyelashes and provide elasticity and shine thanks to its soothing and calming properties; it is ideal for sensitive eyes.
  • Extract of Red Vine* stem cells derived from this substance are composed of flavonoids and anthocyanins that are responsible for the angioprotective, antioxidant and strengthening activity of peripheral microcirculation. It helps to strengthen lashes , favouring growth and thickening.
  • Pumpkin extract is rich in vitamins A B E + K, in addition to sulfur, zinc and omega-3, essential acids that help to strengthen lashes, promoting their growth and giving a healthy, shiny and voluminous appearance.

*Bio certifications supplied

Method of Use:

Apply the tooLash® cosmetic solution to upper and lower eyelashes using the brush supplied as an eyeliner. Proceed from the inside to the outside as illustrated. Treatment in the evening is preferable: apply to an eye that has been completely cleansed of make-up -or creams. Alternatively, the product may be used in the morning: wait 10 minutes before applying makeup or putting in contact lenses. Within a few days of use of the product the general appearance of your eyelashes will be visibly improved. Use of tooLash® for 30 days will provide a more emphasized effect but we suggest prolonging use for up to 90 days.



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